Zoé Alkaline Water
Purifier Package

• Increases the pH of your water up to 9+ pH to Help Restore Balance in your body.

• Reduces the water’s Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Up to -600 mV to protect you against free radicals, allowing your tissues to rejuvenate. 

Anion Exchange- Rich in Negative Ions that carries oxygen needed in you body.

Hydrogen Rich Water is shown to benefit every organ of the human body, effectively mitigating oxidative stress and inflammation.*

Micro-clusters the water molecules so your cells and body hydrate more effectively shown to benefit every organ of the human body.

• Add Natural, Important and Needed Minerals of your Body.

Product Features:

• Non Electric with Natural Minerals Alkaline Water Purifier.

• Recreates the natural effect of the rocks that line fresh mountain streams creating delicious, fresh tasting water.

• Innovative and Sleek Design with Battery Powered LED Lights to make your Kitchen Stylish.

• Push Lever Function

• Easy to Replace Filters


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